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How to choose Celebrity Style Dresses

The A-Line

The A-line type dress is a flattering choice for all body types. By flaring out rather than hugging the body, it assists unsatisfactory body shapes in creating a beautiful silhouette.
For petite body types, the A-Line can help you appear taller. If you are tall, it creates the illusion of fullness, and if you have curves, the A-Line can help you hide them.

Ball Gown aka “Pick Up”

This is a traditional dress style which emphasizes the waistline by adding curves. The Ball Gown style helps create the hourglass figure and hides full hips. This style is most often used for formal and fairytale-like events. It looks great on most body types and makes for a classic choice for wedding dresses.

Column or Sheath

This figure hugging style comes in a variety of formats such as strapless or backless. Many brides who want a chic or beach theme wedding choose this style. The column style fits both slender and athletic builds. It helps create the illusion of height for petite figures. However, as it sits very close to the body, those who do not want to emphasize their body shape would perhaps choose another style.


The mermaid style is also known as the trumpet style. They are figure hugging at the top until the knees, where they flare out. This style emphasizes the bust, waist, and hips and creates the illusion of an hourglass figure. Many brides of celebrity-inspired weddings choose this style.


With a high waistline directly below the bust, this silhouette can be either flowing or structured depending on the fabric and design. Empire style dresses emphasizes the waist and softens the hips. This is an excellent choice for most body types.


The princess style dress has no obvious waist and is more dramatically flared than the A-Line. This dress is often favored by petite and small waisted figures as it can create the illusion of height.


The mini is a short dress that ends above the knees.This style is best used for informal or summer events. Both tall and short figures can wear this dress well.


The hem of this dress ends just below the knee and is great for casual events. Both petite and curvy figures can benefit from this comfortable style.


This style was most popular during the 1950s and its hem ends anywhere between bottom of the knee to bottom of the calf. Tea-length dresses are often used to show off the legs and shoes.


Available in either full or fitting styles, the ankle-length dress hem ends right at the ankles. This dress is often used by brides of outdoor weddings as the hem does not touch the ground.


This style’s hem floats a few inches above the floor. Some brides choose shoes of different colors than the dress to balance out the outfit.

Sweep Train

Sweep Train style dresses have a traditional train feature but are shorter. Brides who want a traditional gown without the long train often choose this style.

Court Train

The court train style can be worn to formal, semi-formal or even casual events. It is longer than the sweep train and extend about three feet from the ankles. Brides who only have one train carrier generally like this style.

Chapel Train

The chapel train style is the most popular. It extends three to five feet behind the gown. This style is well suited for all figure types.

Cathedral Train

Also known as the Monarch Train, this style extends six to eight feet behind the gown. The Cathedral Train is perfect for a formal wedding.

Watteau Train

A panel of fabric is flows from the top of the dress from the shoulders or upper back down to the floor in the Watteau Train gown style. Brides who like to hold their own trains prefer this style.


Asymmetrical gowns appears different from each side. Brides who wish to look different in each angle favor this dress. It also combines a short style with a longer styled dress design.